How to Select a Solar Panel – Your Guide 2019

As the technology is upgrading with passage of every month or year, the lifestyle of people is trying to match its footsteps. Advancement of technology has made it possible for every person to experience electricity generation by a solar panel. Solar panel creates energy from the sun rays and reduces the carbon from the air resulting in decreasing greenhouse gases. It is not just beneficial for the environment but also for us, the consumers, who enjoy various benefits of installing a solar panel. They save our electricity bills and make us electricity independent. It has easy installation process and could be installed anywhere is the house. This one time investment can give you multiple benefits in the long run. You could buy online solar accessoriesHowever, the concept of installing solar energy panel at your home is new and most of you would be unaware what the criteria that you should keep in mind before buying a solar panel.

Here are some pointers that could help you in making your decision.

✓  Statistics
Being a rational consumer, you would want to compare and buy the product to make sure your choice is correct. To compare solar panels with each other, you could consider the description that each panel has. This includes standard measurements of power output, operating temperature coefficient and efficiency. This enables you or solar panel installers to choose a panel that would suit their expected conditions and power needs and allow them to draw a comparison between various choices.

✓ Name plate rating
The nameplate rating could be measured as the amount of Direct Current or DC electricity produced under the ideal conditions. It represents the power out. 200 and 400 watts are the general ratings that panels produce, depending on the quality and size of the solar panel. The panel, however, does not produce this power as this is the expect power rating under the ideal condition which is not necessarily achieved every time.
The nameplate ratings also include a power tolerance rating, since panels produced the same condition could vary in their output.

✓ Efficiency Rating
Efficiency is one important measure while buying a solar panel. It measures how efficiently the panel converts the energy from the sun into electricity. In technical terms, the number refers to the kilowatt-hour a of energy produced for each Watt represented on your panel’s nameplate rating. The average efficiency rating of most panels lies between 14%-20%. However, this number is right according to your house conditions since the panel efficiency rating in perfect lab conditions is just over 25%.

✓ Temperature Coefficient
Solar panels tend to produce less power in extreme heat condition. The standard testing condition of panel occurs at 77°F and it would lose a percentage of their efficiency as soon as the heat increase. The temperature coefficient of a panel considered much more important for the household people willing to buy solar panels in the hot climate and thus keep it in notice while comparing the panels.

These are the key elements that you must check before buying solar panels for your home. You could also consider other factors like panel quality which could range from low-end quality to high quality panel. You could also search for best solar accessories online to enhance your experience with solar panels.

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